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Understanding The "Always On" Consumer

Most of us are now "always on" - meaning we are permanently connected to a world of information - and are starting to use our mobile technology to access the internet even when we are at home with a desktop, or laptop computer handy.

Mobiles have improved and content is now prepared for mobile delivery with care, and people are getting used to relying on them, so marketing strategy often places greatest importance on how an audience will use a mobile device to experience media content.

This is called a "mobile first" approach.

But more use of mobile devices means more chances to reach an audience individually, and that it's just not enough to assume everyone uses mobiles in the same way. 

Recent research by Experian set out to understand, segment and define mobile users, and they came up with seven types - they are included them below, I think you'll find them very interesting:  

Prodigies: Constantly connected, mobile-centric tech trendsetters. Individuals in this segment set the trends and are the first to adopt new technology. Extremely receptive to ads on mobile devices and social media.
Tribals: Hyperconnected, device agnostic. Mobile devices (often multiple devices) serve as the gateway to social media for this set. They are both heavily influenced by and strong influencers of others through social media.
Personals: This mobile-savvy segment loves their phone, but are increasingly cutting out the middle man when it comes to connecting with friends preferring direct messaging to social media.
Pragmatists: These mobile professionals use their phones to stay on top of work and home. They can be found doing everything from checking game scores to transferring documents, accessing boarding passes and more.
Browsers: Individuals in this set are still learning about everything they can do with their phone. Today, they’re primarily browsing the mobile web and consuming a bit of news. They show potential for expanded use though.
Occasionals: The people in this segment use their smartphones mostly for making calls, playing solitaire and checking the weather despite the myriad of additional features of these devices.
Talkers: Mobile use among this set is fairly light except they do enjoy playing the occasional game and making video calls most likely with grandkids and other family.

Source: "The Always On Consumer". Experian Information Solutions, Inc. 2014. (visited 23/03/15)

Image Credit: The crowd uses cell phones and cameras to record President Barack Obama's remarks to U.S. Embassy Amman employees and their families on March 23, 2013 as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Ambassador Stuart Jones look on. [State Department Photo/Public Domain]