I wrote an essay to accompany Lucas Maddock's New Hypothetical Continents exhibition entitled "Neokairos and the New Hypothetical Continents".


Sometimes you meet conversations from other lives. Begin them again. Like lost places, discovered anew. The best collaboration is like this - caught in between. Read my essay here.

4.5 x 1 x 3.4m and constructed of stainless steel and LED light strings, New Hypothetical Continents maps the limits and contours of a fictional landmass... When viewed from afar, and in direct sunlight, the installation was intended to affect a “shimmering collapse of decreased sharpness”. New Hypothetical Continents  presents a contemporary Atlantis - one standing at the height of its glory and boasting a spectacle so great that it can only warn of its own demise.
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Click to download the catalog

Click to download the catalog