Select projects that evidence my strategic marketing, writing and research skillset across a range of media.



The "Smart Happens Here" campaign was commissioned by Regional Development Australia (RDA) to attract global business to the Hunter region.


 It included footage of a range businesses and practitioners, and superimposed copy. Check out the video below.

If you like it check out this great animated promo video I worked on for the same client with Headjam creative agency.


Gradschool at the University of Newcastle needed a high impact masters recruitment campaign.


I facilitated ideation, wrote the creative copy and conducted focus group research with postgrads to test the "Now You Can" campaign in anticipation of its roll out. The creative concept developed with Headjam took images of characters with unusual career goals, and challenged the audience with an empowering call to action. The result was an innovative solution for delivery in print, web and digital formats.



Profilo is a new style of total dental care centre that required market research, brand strategy and website and campaign copy.


Because the Profilo brand offers a wide range of dental care, it needed a clear service hierarchy presented in lay persons terms. I was engaged by Headjam to conduct focus group research to assist in the process of deciding what information the target audience desired, and how this should be presented. I also helped to write the website copy, and campaign creative for an out of home and web-based advertising campaign.



I wrote an essay to accompany Lucas Maddock's New Hypothetical Continents exhibition entitled "Neokairos and the New Hypothetical Continents".


Sometimes you meet conversations from other lives. Begin them again. Like lost places, discovered anew. The best collaboration is like this - caught in between. Read my essay here.

4.5 x 1 x 3.4m and constructed of stainless steel and LED light strings, New Hypothetical Continents maps the limits and contours of a fictional landmass... When viewed from afar, and in direct sunlight, the installation was intended to affect a “shimmering collapse of decreased sharpness”. New Hypothetical Continents  presents a contemporary Atlantis - one standing at the height of its glory and boasting a spectacle so great that it can only warn of its own demise.
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Click to download the catalog