Blog Content is King in B2B Marketing 2015

Larger amounts of better quality content in blog entries and other social media, and the growing importance of LinkedIn are key trends for business to business (B2B) marketing in 2015, a recent survey of 109 countries by the Content Marketing Institute has revealed.

Here's a few of the facts about the year ahead for business of all size:

  • 88% aim to produce better quality, more engaging content.
  • 80% use blog entries as a front line tactic.
  • 60% rate blog entries as the most effective B2B content.
  • 55% will increase their spending on content marketing.
  • 70% are creating more content.

Incredibly, 94% use LinkIn, up from the 2010 figure of 51%, and 63% also now say it is the most effective social channel.

So the lesson is clear - you need good quality content to stand out from the clutter of cheap, rushed content that devalues brands by reducing their prestige, and damaging the bottom line.

The research marketing professionals drawn from small through to large enterprise, meaning the results reveal a very broad and certain pattern: content is still king.

Source: "B2B Marketing Trends 2015". Content Marketing Institute. Visited 9/4/2015. Download.